The Spencer Clinic of Trichology (located directly opposite South Kensington tube station), is a very warm, friendly, comfortable and experienced practice. We are one of the longest established clinics in Europe.

For many years, our clinic has offered men, women and children,of all ages, a comprehensive and structured procedure with rewarding and successful results. This includes an intensive and informative consultation, accurate diagnosis and, when necessary, a short programme of external stimulative therapy for all complaints related to male and female hair fall, scalp complaints and hair condition problems in accordance with the highest trichological ethics. Simply click on any of the above headers that may relate to your query for more information.

Besides being experts in European & Asian hair types, we are also the highest authority in Afro-Caribbean hair and scalp problems in Europe. Our knowledge and experience are unmatched. We are able to diagnose and treat most problems associated with Afro hair and scalp and perform safe and healthy black hairdressing or ‘care-dressing’, as we prefer to call it. We are rated one of the top 5 clinics in Black Beauty & hair magazine.

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We are qualified and registered members of The Institute of Trichologists, and adhere strictly within its code of ethics and practice guidelines.

This endorsement guarantees the highest expertise and professionalism from our trichologists in diagnosis and treatment for all types of hair fall, hair loss, scalp complaint and hair condition problems.

We are particularly successful with the regrowth of hair for females from teenage to 40 years of age.

We specialise in the treatment of all complaints associated with European, Afro-Caribbean and Asian hair types. We pride ourselves in the excellence of our therapy for two main reasons. Firstly, due to our long track record, we are able to either completely cure or, at the very least, greatly improve most problems and complaints we are presented with. Secondly, the relaxing, yet invigorating therapeutic treatments are  beneficial to the overall health of the hair and scalp. As trichologists, we are continually revisited by patients who not only have a need, but a want, allowing us a real sense of achievement in our work.


020 7584 4255

Please do contact us if you are in any way concerned about a particular hair or scalp problem that may be causing you some anxiety.

For simplicity and convenience, we have placed our reception help line number at the top left hand corner of this, and every page on our site. When you call, you will be greeted by a friendly, sincere and helpful member of our team who will be very pleased to advise you, without obligation, and in total confidence.

If you wish to speak directly to one of our trichologists for further advice before deciding to make an appointment for consultation, our reception will be happy to assist you on 020 7584 4255.

You can also refer to our Online Diagnostic Page. Simply click on the banner, follow the simple directions and complete the form. The more information you can relate, the easier it is for us to offer the correct help and advice.

Thank you for visiting us – The Spencer Hairloss Clinic – All your hair needs.