Our Mission Statement

The aesthetics of our hair is considered, by most people, to be one of the most important external features of the human anatomy.

A good or bad head of hair can either enhance or destroy a persons confidence and self esteem.

Hair loss is a universal complaint that can have an adverse and debilitating effect on all genders. Besides the disturbing physical effects of hair loss, the psychological effects can be devastating.

We’ve been treating hair loss complaints for many years. 

It is no exaggeration to say that the utter trauma and in some cases, sheer terror, of experiencing sudden or ongoing hair fall can be all-consuming for many people.

It can take over their lives and create a vicious circle, thereby often making things worse.

Tears can often be shed during an initial consultation, not only only because of the trauma of the condition, but also the sudden sense of relief that they can finally relate their story to someone who completely understands their concerns as well as the  condition they suffer with.

Hearing their stories is an emotional experience which encourages us to aim to always provide the very best service we can offer.

To help people overcome their hair concerns and their trauma means we continue to stay caring, motivated and focused in our work.

In conclusion , if hair fall or hair loss is being experienced, the earlier one acts, the more beneficial help can be.

With best wishes 

Richard Spencer & Samantha Stewart