A helpful warning…..As yet, there are still is no law in place to prevent anyone practicing as a trichologist! Those who are in need of professional, trichological advice are often nervous and traumatised enough about their hair or scalp problem before they begin to seek help. Finding and trusting a trichologist can heighten their anxiety.
A condition of hair fall, for example, is devastating to a lot of men but leaves many women feeling almost suicidal!!

People can often find it somewhat daunting when choosing a trichological establishment to visit which is most suitable to their needs. It can be a minefield, especially as the profession is still often unheard of.
Therefore, finding the right clinic is essential – not just for the correct help and advice, but also for morale.

Most people will find a trichologist through the internet these days and enquire about price, location etc. Some will make a decision simply if they felt comfortable during their initial phone enquiry.
We have personally found that the patients we receive who are the most comfortable on the first visit are those whom have either been referred by our institute or by a friend or relative.

There is an ethical and regimented governing body known as ‘The Institute of Trichologists’, founded in 1902.
They have strict teaching and training guidelines concerning qualification. This is why it is always best to find a qualified and registered member of the institute (MIT). You will then have found a bonafide, fully trained, qualified and ethical consultant.
There are a number of clinics/centres not registered with the institute. In the eyes of the institute, they are not effectively qualified to consult as efficiently as an MIT.

Some establishments will offer a ‘free’ consultation. This can often mean a 10-15 minute consult swiftly followed by a lengthier period of time with a sales advisor who may suggest a year contract. Do not be fooled by free consultations and ‘hard sell’ tactics. Many hair and scalp complaints do not require a year to be helped, improved or cured.

Larger, more impersonal CENTRES can often leave one disatisfied with the level of professional service, personal care, attention and real concern. We have received many people whom, having initially visited other places, tell us they felt more like a pound sign (£) than a person with a problem.

Please do think carefully before making a choice of who to visit. If you are worried or concerned about your choice of trichologist, simply email or call the institute of trichologists. They will always be happy to help and advise.