The Professional Standards Authority

The Institute of Trichologists has now been accepted on the register of the professional standards authority. This greatly benefits the Institute and its members. The PSA’s main aim is the protection of the public by overseeing professionals in the healthcare sector and ensuring they are following the regulations of their profession.

It therefore helps to give the public more confidence in what we do in providing an open and honest service.

Our main aim is to provide the necessary professional help and support to our clientele in either resolving or diminishing their trichological problems.

Registration to the PSA is not mandatory but being a member should boost public confidence in our ethics, safety and confidentiality.

Trichologists tend to bridge the gap between the GP/Dermatologist and the hairdresser. Doctors will nearly always suggest or prescribe medication for hair and scalp issues. Hairdressers are not usually qualified to professionally diagnose and advice.

Trichologists are professionally qualified to examine, diagnose and treat most hair and scalp problems.

If we didn’t do what we do, there would be a vast number of people suffering unnecessarily.

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