Caroline W said

“I had been suffering with hair fall for over a year before I found and contacted The Spencer Clinic.

I was nervous to make the call, but due to their genuine understanding, sympathy and reassurance over the phone, I decided to pay them a visit.

Their treatment and care was exceptional and over a period of about three months, my hair stopped falling out and began regrowing.

My heartfelt thanks to Richard and the gang”

Samantha J said

“I have suffered with a gradual hair thinning condition for some years.

Thanks to Richard Spencer and the team at The Spencer Clinic, my complaint has slowed considerably and appears to be under control.

I am now happier and more confident”

Victoria P said

Having had a very itchy and flaky head for years and been continually misdiagnosed by doctors and dermatologists, to finally get some relief from you guys without the use of medicated products is really fantastic.

I am brave enough to wear dark clothes again!!

Best wishes to you all

James D said

“I have suffered with the male pattern hair loss problem for a few years and been to see a few so-called Trichologists. The problem continued to worsen until I managed to find you guys. Just wanted to say huge thanks for keeping my hair where it should be and slowing the problem down.

Cheers!! Truly grateful