Hair Myths

There’s a lot of hearsay and rumours around hair loss in the industry, we try to debunk a few theories below!

Certainly, some or all of the head hair could start growing white at the same time, but from the base of the hair folicle. The white hair would then take a month to 6 weeks to appear on the head, and a further two weeks for the white hair to become actually visible. This type of hair event can occur due to a shock or other nervous system related disorder.

Possibly, if rinsing a conditioner with cold water, as warmer water will rinse more thoroughly and, therefore, leave less product on the hair.

Not so. Loose hair always comes out more easily when washed and, therefore, gives the appearance of more hair fall than usual – just a disturbing optical illusion!

RHUBARB!! If it were true, those with a hair loss problem would be off to the hairdressers every day!!

We must tread a little carefully here. A chemical is necessary to “open” the hair cuticle for the hair to be altered in shape or colour. A colouring product with less or no chemical in it will not be as permanent.

We all naturally lose some hair every day. However, if more hair fall than usual is noticed, there is always a reason.

This is not true. For example, if you were to change your routine from washing hair every day to every other day, the hair will simply appear a little oilier because YOU expect the hair to stay as clean as when you were hair washing daily. Just another optical illusion!