Pioneers in Trichology

The practice was founded at this location over 55 years ago by Arthur Masters, one of the pioneers in Trichology at the time.

He was succeeded, in 1983, by Richard Spencer MIT, the top consultant at The Spencer Hairloss Clinic and one of the most respected authorities today in the field of hair and scalp health.

Richard became a registered member of the institute of Trichologists in 1981, spent time on the institute’s board of governors, made several television appearances including infomercials across Europe, fulfils the demand for Q & A with newspapers and magazines, and writes ongoing articles for magazines including Black Beauty & Hair.

Realising the problems some of his clientele were experiencing with chemical damage to the hair, Richard introduced a fully equipped and specialised hairdressing service 12 years ago at the premises in South Kensington. The clientele were very happy to be able to continue colouring or relaxing their hair whilst under strict trichological supervision by highly qualified personnel.

The clinic/salon approach has proved to be a very successful addition to the practice.

Samantha Stewart joined the practice in 1993. She qualified as a Consultant Trichologist, with honours, through the Institute of Trichologists, and received the prestigious John Firmage award for the highest achievement in trichological qualification. Samantha’s vast experience and knowledge is a great compliment to Richard and a huge asset to the clinical practice.