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Furthermore, if you have been suffering  with a hair loss complaint, we will offer you the most effective way forward to begin to arrest the continual loss of hair and encourage possible regrowth.

We will further explain exactly how our stimulative therapy works, how often and for how long the therapy may be necessary and the costs involved.

If you suffer with a scalp complaint, we will be able to offer you the correct advice and a way forward to begin to improve the problems you have suffered with your scalp.

If necessary, we will offer you one or two products for home use as a help in between treatments. We will also give you a demonstration and careful direction on the use of the products.

Initially, the most important thing is to establish a firm and logical diagnosis and understand why the condition is occurring. Certain blood tests may be advisable and these will be discussed if necessary.’


Your diagnosis will be formulated and carefully explained in great detail so you will be able to understand the cause(s) of the problem, and whether the condition will be responsive to our therapy. Whether or not you decide to proceed with our treatment, our experts are able to provide you with expert self-treatment advice for you to implement in the comfort of your own home.


If therapy is advisable then you will be seated in our relaxed, comfortable therapy room and experience a non-invasive stimulative, cleansing and conditioning treatment, or small series of treatments, depending on the severity of the condition. This would involve the following:

  • Hi-frequency (electronic stimulative therapy)
  • Application of our ‘own brand’ products to the scalp and hair
  • Moist heat head steaming
  • Full contact hand massage to the head, neck and shoulders
  • Hair and scalp cleansing and conditioning
  • Hand assisted vibro-massage to the same above areas

Each full therapy, once administered, has two stimulative benefits. It will increase circulation of blood flow in the scalp and, more importantly, cause vasodilation (or expansion) of the blood capillaries at the base of each hair follicle, which greatly increases the possibility of hair regrowth and maintenance.


Those who choose to receive our expert therapy will be backed up with our in depth after-care service, especially those with gradual, ongoing conditions.

Trusted & Qualified Industry Professionals

Your initial visit will begin with a confidential and in-depth consultation with either Richard Spencer or Samantha Stewart. Both trained professionals in Trichology.

Richard Spencer (MIT)

Samantha Stewart (MIT)