About The Spencer Clinic of Trichology

This premises has been a pioneering and successful trichological clinic since the mid 1950s.
Richard Spencer became a qualified consultant and registered member of the institute of trichologists (M.I.T) in 1981 and took over the practice in 1983, forming “The Spencer Clinic of Trichology Ltd.
All through the years, the clinic has managed to maintain a very professional and personal level of service and expertise. The clinic is globally renowned.
The practice prides itself on its success through knowledge, capability and care. The clinic is not so large and impersonal like some places, therefore allowing us to offer a more personal,  accommodating and attentive service. We make sure our patients are examined and reassessed on each visit.



Your initial visit to our conveniently located clinic usually begins with a private and in-depth consultation with Richard Spencer. He will begin by enquiring about your concerns and reasons for your visit, ask you to relay some case history and then examine the hair and scalp carefully and thoroughly. If the complaint is hair fall related, the visit can take up to an hour. If the problem is scalp related, the appointment shouldn’t be much longer than about half an hour.

After the examination, a diagnosis will be formulated and carefully explained in great detail so the patient will be able to understand  the cause(s) of the problem, remembering there can be more than one reason, and whether the complaint will be responsive to our therapy. If treatable, the consultant will then explain what type of therapy is required and for how long. Advice will also be offered on home hair and scalp care, as well as any blood tests that may be necessary and helpful.


If therapy is advisable, and the patient is in agreement, they will be seated in our relaxed, comfortable therapy room and experience a non-invasive stimulative, cleansing and conditioning treatment, or small series of treatments, depending on the severity of the complaint. This would involve the following:

  • hi-frequency (electronic stimulative therapy)
  • application of our ‘own brand’ products to the scalp and hair
  • moist heat head steaming
  • full contact hand massage to the head, neck and shoulders
  • hair and scalp cleansing and conditioning
  • hand assisted vibro-massage to the same above areas.

The treatments are deeply stimulative, cleansing and therapeutic. Improvements are usually noted within weeks. However, the therapy is so relaxing and soothing,  many clients who may not be experiencing a specific problem, but know of our therapy, tend to come and simply enjoy the feeling and look of  healthier hair and scalp.




The Spencer Clinic formulates, mixes and assembles a complete product range on the premises. These products are used as part of the treatments and are also prescribed, if necessary, for home use.

The range of shampoos, conditioners, lotions and creams are non-medicated, ph balanced and allergy-free, combining the purest essential oils for hair and scalp health, with the emphasis on scalp sensitivity and hair condition. We are continually researching to find and use the purest and safest ingredients.



The Spencer Clinic is one of the few clinics in Europe to work alongside a full hairdressing facility working with European, black afro-Caribbean and Asian hair.
Trichologists and hairdressers work in harmony, ensuring all chemical and mechanical procedures are administered with the utmost care and professionalism, therefore minimising any potential threat of damage to the hair or scalp caused by chemical over-processing.

Richard Spencer

Richard Spencer became a qualified consultant and registered member of the institute of trichologists (M.I.T.) in 1981 and took over the practice in 1983, forming “The Spencer Clinic of Trichology Ltd. His knowledge, leadership and experience enhances his all-round ability to perform and practise to the highest standards. Please click on Heritage for more info.


Samantha Stewart AIT is a qualified consultant and has worked at The Spencer Clinic Ltd for the past 25 years. She qualified with distinction from the prestigious Institute of Trichologists. Samantha is a true and very commited professional, highly respected by our clientele and the other team members.
Besides her trichological expertise, she also specialises in problems relating to Afro Caribbean hair as well as being able to offer expert quality black hairdressing. She has become a real guru on Afro-Caribbean hair care and products, often co-writing, with Richard Spencer, the many articles featured in Black Beauty and Hair magazine.


Leti is a tricho- therapist and has been with us for over fifteen years. She puts her everything into each and every treatment she administers and has a very dedicated clientele. Her warmth and care is always beyond the call of duty.