What is Trichology

Trichology began over a hundred years ago. It relates to the science and study of the hair and scalp. Trichology is a specialised profession concerned with the examination, diagnosis and external treatment of complaints or conditions related specifically to the hair and scalp.

Some complaints may require specific medical attention. These patients would be referred to a GP or other medical specialist.

We are able to offer  deep, stimulative, yet relaxing external therapy as part of the repairing process. There are those who frequent our clinic whom are free of a specific problem, but wish to simply indulge in our treatments and enjoy a complete feel and look of total hair and scalp health.

A trichologist should:

  • Be able to recognise any hair or scalp complaint, regardless whether or not treatable
  • Be a fully qualified consultant
  • Be a registered member of the Institute of Trichologists
  • Be able to offer in-house therapy and home care help

To practise as a qualified consultant, a trichologist must complete 3-4 years of intensive study, via the Institute of Trichologists, incorporating subjects including chemistry ( organic & inorganic), physics, biology, anatomy, physiology, pharmacy, material medical, microscopy etc.